Payment plans

We are now offering payment plans! 


All orders over £60 now have the option to  be paid off by payment plan over 6 weeks.


Minimum deposit will be 20% to secure items 

The remaining balance will be split equally over the following 5 weeks.


Payments will be taken on an agreed day every week 


Once a payment plan has started all prices are fixed and will not change if the items go into sale. 


Any missed payments will result in you losing any money paid, and the items will be put back on the shelf. This will also apply if you cancel the payment plan. 


Once the balance has been cleared all items will be sent out to you, not before. 


Once items have been reserved on a payment plan you can not change them for other items 


All items are non-refundable 


You can pay via PayPal, debit or credit card 


To set up a payment plan please message us at 🤗


Happy shopping piglets xx